Low cost welfare benefits tribunal representation:





Has your benefit been stopped or changed?

Do you want to challenge the decision? 

Been unable to secure free representation?

Then DIAL LEEDS may be able to help.


We are offering a low cost welfare benefits tribunal representation service.


What we will do:

We will prepare for and accompany you as a representative to any welfare benefit tribunal hearing.  This will include meeting you to discuss the appeal, getting medical evidence where necessary; preparing a written submission, as well as going with you to the hearing and answering any legal questions the tribunal may have on the day.


What it will cost:

We will make an initial *administration charge of £10 in order to start working on your appeal. 

If we decide to take the case then there is a charge of £50 to prepare the case (including any letters etc.) ready for the tribunal hearing.  This includes representation at the tribunal.


If the tribunal is successful we will then charge a fee of 10% of any arrears of benefit that you are awarded which will be done when you receive payment from the DWP.


Arrears: DIAL LEEDS fee:
£1,000 £100
£2,750 £275
£5,000 £500

Other help:


If you want other types of welfare benefits support as a pay for service from DIAL LEEDS rather than using the available free assistance in Leeds please contact us to discuss your needs.  Our costs are roughly set at £15 per hour so for example for a PIP form it will usually take about 2 hours therefore costing you £30.


If you wish to pay online you can pay here.  Please wait till you get an invoice and include the invoice number.  We also accept payments by cheque/postal order and by cash.

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