DIAL LEEDS is introducing a new service (Disability Digital Enquiry Subscriptions) that aims to provide a holistic user led one off enquiry facility.

Using our specialist knowledge, direct lived experience and professional skills going back over 30 years and our extensive unique disability database – DIALBase – we may be able to help.

Do you need an answer to an enquiry such as?


  • How do I get a particular service or type of support….
  • How do I get funding for….
  • Where can I find….
  • What accessible holidays/hotels are there for me?

Then this facility could help you.

How does it work?


If you have a one off enquiry you can ask the question via email, messenger (on facebook) direct message via Twitter or via the webform on our website.

We will attempt to answer your question within 3 working days (*this depends upon the complexity of the query) with the option of a follow up postal answer (such as an information sheet).

How much does it cost?


The first enquiry is Free!  This is for a limited time only as we perfect the system.

All subsequent enquiries will be priced as follows:


Plan: Individual Price Organisation Price
One of enquiries (cost per enquiry – Pay as You go) £1.00 £1.50
Standard Annual Fee (up to 15 enquiries for 12 months)  £10.00 £15.00
Enhanced Annual Fee (unlimited enquiries for 12 months) £20.00 £30.00

DDES – One off enquiry payment

Annual Subscription


In order to carry out this service you are agreeing to DIAL LEEDS holding your information on a secure database.  This enables us to keep a track of who has paid and what their entitlements to enquiries are.



Follow up work on enquiries:


If you require follow up work such as help with a Blue Badge application, accessing or negotiating with a service etc. there are three options:

  1. Free External Assistance
  2. Free DIAL LEEDS Peer Support (when available through grant funded projects)
  3. DIAL LEEDS Pay for Services


Free External Assistance:


There are free services available such as Age UK, Citizens Advice, Better Leeds Communities, Engage Leeds (Gipsil), Leeds Adults and Health and so on.  We are happy to provide details for how you can contact these.


Free DIAL LEEDS Peer Support:


DIAL LEEDS is able to offer disability peer support with project funding in place.  This can and will change depending on the type and length of the grant funding we have available at any given time.

At the present time we offer 2 free services, Mental Health Peer Support at West Leeds Foodbanks and our mood boosting Happiness Café and associated social activities with peer support volunteers to help.

Mental Health Peer Support – This is available to West Leeds Foodbank users until 31/03/19 – click here for further information.

Happiness Café – If you need help that amounts to less than one or two hours work then we can provide it free if you are willing to commit to attending our Happiness Café on at least 6 occasions in a 6 month period for a 1 or 2 hour session – click here for  more information about the Happiness Café.


DIAL LEEDS Pay for Services:


DIAL LEEDS offers a variety of Pay for Services including Welfare Benefits Tribunal Representation Service, Lasting Power of Attorney Service and our specialist Disability Casework Service.

If you need further assistance following your Digital Disability Enquiry and wish to pay DIAL LEEDS for additional support then please click here for more information!