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Who we are!

DIAL (LEEDS) was established in 1979 as a Disabled People’s User Led Organisation (DPULO). The Management Committee, paid staff and volunteers are predominately disabled people (various impairments) the rest are either carers, older people and/or have long term conditions.

We aim to be representative of the people, who use, or are likely to use our service – that could be people with physical or sensory impairments, learning disabilities, mental health issues or long-term health conditions.

DIAL (LEEDS) Management Committee:

As a DPULO the DIAL (LEEDS) Management Committee is a team of “experts by experience” – people with various impairments and long term health conditions.

We are in the process of organisational development and new ventures to ensure our future sustainability.

To enable us to achieve our vision DIAL (LEEDS) is seeking professionals (disabled or non disabled) with business, financial and management skills to join our management committee.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

Service delivery:

The DIAL (LEEDS) model of service delivery is based on peer support where disabled people come together to support and provide services for other disabled people.

Our work that we do has its roots in the social model of disability and on ensuring equality and diversity.
We were given a Duke of York Community Initiatives Award for involving our community in the work that we do.

Policy and influencing work:

We also aim to influence service provision and policy and decision making in terms of the needs and wishes of disabled people in Leeds. It is a longer term process to enable service development. This means we can help to bring about changes and improvements that will benefit many more disabled people than we can advise individually.


DIAL (LEEDS)’s purpose is:

To ensure that disabled people are not disadvantaged through a lack of knowledge of their rights, or a lack of awareness of available opportunities.

We empower, and when necessary offer support to enable disabled people to express their wants, needs and wishes effectively.

Our aims are:

  • To overcome the poverty, financial and social exclusion faced by disabled people.


  • To ensure that disabled people do not miss out on the benefits and services which they are entitled to.


  • To promote independence and the inclusion of disabled people in society.


  • To ensure that disabled people’s participation in and contribution to community life is not limited through a lack of information or opportunities.


  • To influence service planning, provision and policy and decision making processes wherever possible in terms of the needs and wishes of disabled people.

Our ethos and values: 

  • DIAL (LEEDS) is a local holistic disability information, advice and support service run on a not for profit basis.


  • Our model of service delivery is facilitated self help through peer support – by disabled people for disabled people.


  • We are a user led organisation that is controlled by disabled people – service users are actively involved at all levels of our organisation including management, planning, development and delivery services.


  • We are committed to the social model of disability and removing the barriers that ‘disable’ people with impairments.


  • We seek to empower and enable disabled people to maximise the choice and control they have over their lives.

DIAL (LEEDS) is committed to equality and diversity across all aspects of our organisation.



If you would like to help us continue our important work of supporting disabled people in Leeds by donating you can do this by giving directly or by using the “MyDonate” button at the top left of the this page.

We have also just registered DIAL (LEEDS) LIMITED on

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If you would like to read the DIAL (LEEDS) fundraising statement please click here

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This is the new DIAL (LEEDS) website. It is still being developed.

We would like to know what works well and what is not so good.

Please tell us what you think of it so far and what else you would like to see!

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